Isaac Kirshbom
Fine Arts

Isaac Kirshbom

I was born and raised in Valparaiso, Chile.  Upon graduation from medical school, I moved with my young family to New York to complete a surgical residency.  Became a cardiothoracic surgeon and moved to New Orleans, where I practiced until recently.

I have always been interested in art and used drawing extensively as a teaching tool.  My early forays into painting included French Quarter scenes, which won a merit award at an American Medical Association art show.

Retirement from my surgical practice has allowed me to expand into a work in progress as an artist.  In addition to sharpening my drawing skills, (which still comes in handy teaching anatomy to Tulane Medical students), my level of artistic expression has evolved.  Studying painting at the University of New Orleans, I have been able to develop the ability to bring paint to canvas and canvas to life.


I don't consider painting a hobby, but a fulfilling second career.  In much the same way a surgical problem was tackled in the operating room, I enjoy taking on the challenges posed by technical problems on the canvas.  When a solution is found, I feel the same sense of wonder and pride the early artists must have felt when they used their palms as a signature of their work in the caves in Europe and pictographs in New Mexico.

Although every painting is different,  I generally try to capture a mood in each work.  As my evolution and maturity as an artist continues, I do not expect to ever embrace the notion of shocking or offending the sensibilities of the audience in order to get their attention.  I believe it is my goal as an artist to express an overall sense of serenity and beauty.

Please enjoy the gallery and feel free to communicate your thoughts by e-mail.  It will give me great pleasure to hear from you.  All paintings are also available in prints or cards by request.